Sábila, or in English aloe vera, has recently become one of my best friends.  My daughter occasionally gets eczema from the chemicals in pools on her face, shoulders and back.  They always seem to be too drying for her sensitive skin.  It never seems to fail that whenever we first go to the pool, a day later she has the rash, itchiness, red bumps, and then peeling.  Once it peels, she has some discoloration and then with a tan, it makes the discoloration that much more noticeable.  Not so fun when it is on your face.  I have always applied small amounts of 1% hydro-cortizone to the affected areas, along with giving her some Benydrol or Cloro-Trimeton before hitting the pool up.  Well, thank God one of my good friends out here ( big shout out to Caroline)  recommend that I start using pure aloe vera.  She told me how well it worked on her son, who also use to get eczema, and that it would help with the itching and scratching, along with restoring the smooth texture back to the skin....she was right.  While the cortizone always helps, it is a form of a steroid so you have to be careful with too much application.  I now have an alternative, natural at that, and it works wonders.  I highly recommend this for one's skin.  It smooths, moisturizes, restores and calms.  Here is a list of other things that you can use this natural plant product for:

  • Through out your face, i.e. under your eyes, dry skin, t-zone balance....
  • For cuts and burns
  • Apply to the ends of your hair for regenerative treatments 
  • To shave with
  • Apply for moisture and smoothness after shaving
  • Apply to sunburns
  • Diaper rash burns
  • Apply to your tan to prolong it
  • Remove make-up
  • Replace your lotion with in humid climates (lotion makes you sweat more in humidity!)

I have also been using this for my belly during this pregnancy to help with the itching (from growing these last couple weeks that I have left) and to help with stretch marks.  I feel like it has done me well. 

Obviously most of us are not going to go and grow our own aloe vera plant, so I recommend this pure form of it that you can buy at most drug stores.

Bioland- organically grown Aloe Vera Gel

**I would love to hear feed back on how this product works for you, or if you have any other recommendations for use of this plant.  So, drop me a quick comment (especially if you wish to pass some more info. on to other readers) or e-mail me. 

Dios te bendiga


-note: this is for external use only, always consult a doctor first and read the back of the bottle for any warning signs.

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