Heal it with something sweet.

Has your child just bit their lip, cut it from falling down, or some how ended up with a small cut to their tongue or lip?  A great way to almost instantly stop the bleeding (and the crying) is to apply straight white sugar to the cut.  Stops the bleeding, almost immediately too.  Plus, it tastes good so they will usually open their mouth to let you apply it, and it usually solves what could be a 10 minute crying session in about 2.  This works for any adult as well;) 

As always, use good discernment.  If it is a severe cut, go to your nearest doctor, as sugar will obviously not mend a deep wound inside of the mouth.

Let me know how it works, drop me a line or e-mail.  I always like feed back.

Dios te bendiga.


*photo from: liftbigeatbig.com

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