Show the glow.

Now that Spring has begun and summer awaits, and those sleeveless shirts come out, along with skirts (minus tights and hose) shorts and all other leg baring garments, most of us tend to wish we already had a little extra color on those exposed limbs. You can! Jergens Natural Glow will definitely help you out with that. I know most of you have seen, heard and might have even tried this product but I wanted to give a recommendation to you all as well. I love this self-tanner for many reasons:

1.) It is not streaky...but you must do some work to help it out and rub it in thoroughly, let it dry before dressing, and wash your hands right after (with soap).
2.) It doesn't feel too thick on your skin.
 3.) It doesn't smell bad, actually pretty good.
4.) It's under $10.00...buy it at Walmart and it is under $8.00.
5.) It is filled with vitamin E and other antioxidants.
6.) Though you don't see an actual 'tan' per say, you do get an enhanced color from this which does give you a nice "glow".

 Who doesn't like to feel that their skin looks a little more radiant?

**I personally suggest using it daily for the first couple of weeks and then after you attain a nice a color from it, go to using it every other day or even every couple of days. Also, if you are not seeing results, or as much as of result as you're wanting, then try bumping it up to a darker level. I know I originally started with the fair to medium tone, and ended up switching to the medium to tan tone. I was/am very happy with my results.

This is also a great alternative to basking in the sun....although a little of that is OK. A little extra vitamin D doesn't hurt...just put your SPF on;)

I am  officially going to start my post pregnancy weight loss in about a week and a half.  I will be at my 6 week after mark.  I believe in letting the body fully recover before beginning...as anxious as I get, I do wait (that's just me).  So, I'll be posting measurements, progress and routines...all of the exercise will be done from home too (for all you stay at home mom's hope this will help).

Bendiciones y feliz martes!!!


Another application to try this week: Try setting a small goal for yourself to accomplish before the week is over, or even over the weekend. Get it done and then set another one for yourself right away. I am going to do the same. I'll let you know what it is/was at the end of the weekend;) What's yours? Remember that just because it is a goal, it doesn't mean it has to be anything big. In fact, sometimes it's those little things we tend to let go, so just make it something that you want done..no matter how big or small.


Flower Power

So, I was watching E! News last night and caught their style section (surprised I hadn't fallen asleep) and saw that floral prints are on the style radar for this Spring.  The older I get the more I like my florals...ahh, don't know if that is a good thing or not.  I think many of us place floral prints and such to our Grandma's curtains and blouses!!

This is one of the new D&G campaign adds for their Spring attire and I love that they show the many different ways to incorporate the floral print.  Whether it's with a dress, top, sandal, purse, shorts, etc... you can definitely make this hot style your own.

Some stores you might check out to go pick yourself up something new would be:

Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Banana Republic
The Shop

Just a few to get you started, and they all fit our budgets in some way.

Below are just a few pics from Bloomingdale's and Forever 21 to give some inspiration with taking part with the flower power  this spring....




So, my sister and I were talking about loosing weight ( I am officially starting to try to shed off my pregnancy pounds) and she told me that she recently lost even more weight, and faster and easier than before, by drinking LOTS of water.  Now, we have always been told to get our 8 glasses of h2o in daily, but my sister was telling me that she read an article (almost two years ago, so can't locate it now) about how lots of water in your diet (80 oz a day) burns extra fat. 

Here's the deal; according to this article, the reason that our bodies hold on to extra fat is because it thinks that it is not going to be getting enough water (remember our bodies are made up of 80% water), therefore it holds on to extra fat to know that it will have a source of fuel (for lack of a better word).  By drinking 80 oz of water a day, your body begins to realize that it is getting enough of it's need for water and it begins to let go of  some of that extra fat that it has been storing, or hanging on too.  Thus, you begin to shed some of those unwanted pounds.  Combine this with some exercise and healthy eating habits and you are on your way to getting that body you want, or once had!

Please take note:  Because I can not locate this article ( again she read the article almost two years ago) please consult your doctor if you have any questions, concerns or health conditions.  Always pay attention to your body, and if 80 oz seems to be too much water for you, then come to an agreement with your health physician about a healthy amount of water for your body.

Here's to staying healthy, taking care of our bodies, and skin, and getting back in to shape.

**One more side note.  All that water is great to keep your milk up if you are a nursing mom too.

Que pase una buena dia!