Besides applying this to your feet, if they are dry or cracked (and then putting some socks on), there two other ways that I use this product and have not switched to anything else for years now. 

  1. This stuff is AWESOME for removing your eye make-up.  It seriously ALL comes right off.  And so gently too.  I usually apply a little right under my eyes and then dip my cotton pad in to the jar to get a small amount (less is more), and then just swipe over your eye like you would with any other eye make up remover. All make-up comes right off! 
  2. I apply under my eyes as my 'eye cream' nightly.  I do sometimes switch up every couple days with my 'all about eyes' cream by Clinique, but other wise I use Vaseline as a nightly product. Oh, and I usually take the extra grease on my fingers to run it over my lips before bed too. 
*Bonus: You will spend roughly $3-$5 (depending on the size of the jar)  vs. $12-$35 (even more depending on the brand) on an eye cream, or remover AND the jar of Vaseline will out last any little eye cream or remover by months....think about it....TRY IT!

Happy Weekend!!  Let's hope my little guy wants to make his way in to this world this weekend!!!



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