Keeps on giving.

Baking Soda is a product most of us have in our kitchens that serves many purposes.  From baking, to teeth whitening, to exfoliating, this inexpensive product is worth ever penny.  Not only does a little go a long way, but it can provide so many uses for us.

Another use I just learned about with baking soda, while reading 'Real Simple', is for cleaning pans with crusted food on them from casseroles and such. 

To use: Sprinkle some over the pan with a light amount of water, let sit for 5 minutes and then scrub it clean.  It's also much softer on your hands than AJax!

Be grateful to the Lord for all you have~



Strawberry White.

So I was surfing through Pintrest last week and came along this pin.  It had some beauty tips using all natural products.  Most are things we keep right there in our refrigerators.  I wanted to share at least on of these with you, and then you can go on to the link I post for the rest of the tips if you are interested. 
Strawberry Bleach Mask"Celebrities, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, swear by this. This natural mixture will remove any stains and discoloration on your teeth. Crush one ripe strawberry and mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the mixture on teeth with toothbrush and let it set for 5 minutes; then brush with your regular toothpaste. Repeat once a week." ~Sun Times

For more tips click here: http://specialsections.suntimes.com

Que pase una buena dia~



Max Out.

So, my dad bought me these workout DVDs when my family came down here to Panama to meet our third child, and newest addition to our family. I wanted a good workout, something that switches it up (so I don't get board), and most of all (most important) something very time effective.  Having 3 kids (one of them being a new baby), running a household and a small baking business, and just being a mom don't give you much time to yourself.  I needed something quick.

The Max T3 does just that.  For all you moms, or even busy women in general (men too), looking for a quick and effective workout this is a great one.  It has 12 workouts to switch up with, and it works your entire body...if you go through the different workouts.  Each one is between 12-20 mins.  How great is that?  Let me tell you,  I was sore after each workout for at least the first week.  You will definitely see results if you stick to it.

Remember that 90% of your weight loss comes from your eating, so add a low calorie (obviously not too low, and if you are nursing then add an extra 500 calories in) and you'll be sure to see RESULTS!




Tweezing made easy.

Want a little help with tweezing those extra hairs in your eye brows, while trying to get that nice clean, smooth arched brow look?
Try running a small amount of clear mascara over them prior to tweezing. The mascara will help hold the hair in place making it much easier, and quicker, to tweeze those brows. You won't have as many hairs hanging down and getting in the way of the actual hairs you are trying to tweeze.

Use the mascara on a daily basis too, to hold those brows in place, keeping your look polished!




It's not just for flavor.

Want a great home remedy for healing headaches?  This spice has been proven in my household, & many others, (so I've read) to treat headaches, and for some even migraines.  Cinnamon.  Yes, something most of us have on hand on our spice racks or in our cabinets.  It only takes about a half of a teaspoon to do the trick.  So, you can sprinkle it on top of some honey or peanut butter (just go for it with a quick spoonful), mix it with some orange juice or even heat some milk up and mix it in with the milk.  I personally like to make some tea, add some evaporated milk and then sprinkle the cinnamon on top of that.  The tea is yummy and the cinnamon aids in helping that headache go away.  Try it the next time you have a headache and see.  It has worked for my husband and I both, but I am not saying that this will be the case for everyone.  It's worth trying, in my opinion.  Hope it works for you!

Some other good little tips to know with cinnamon are that it will also give antioxidant properties that keep cells safe from oxidative stress and dangerous free radicals (antioxidants help fight such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and Parkinson's), and it helps fight against cardiovascular problems. Also, because of it helping insulin work better, cinnamon also helps lower blood sugar levels which is good for those at risk for diabetes.  Some studies have shown that it may even help prevent Alzheimer's.

My point?  Add a about a 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon to your diet a day, or even 4 days a week and you will be doing your body good.

Some other ways to add this spice to your diet include:

*Adding it as a topping to your toast over peanut butter, or with butter and a little bit of sugar.
* Sprinkle some on over your hot oatmeal.
*Add some into your juice, tea or coffee.
*Sprinkle it over the top of some fresh fruit...like apples.
*Snack on some crackers with honey and cinnamon.

All right, you get the point.  BTW, write me a comment if you have tried it, or do try it, and it works for you.

Make it a GREAT day:)



Blot, Blot...Blot.

So, it's been 4 months since I have blogged & I have to say that when I started this blog I didn't think I would let that happen.  I also didn't intend on having a house hold of kids and a baby sick for these past months also.  I guess we never do, though.  That wouldn't be good to plan on getting sick!  That's been my story here though, and now that we are finally revovering, I felt like trying this blog thing...again!

I actually saw this  beauty tip on twitter this morning, and felt like sharing it.  I know that I always like my lips more with some color and shine...sort of that 'dewy' look, so any tips on helping that look last, is something worth reading to me!

Enjoy, and follow the link http://simplystated.realsimple.com  for 5 more '5 minute quick tips' with beauty.

                                  How to keep your lip color lasting longer than 20 minutes?

Blotting.....this is the key!

"It might seem counterintuitive, but the key to making your bright lipstick last longer than 20 minutes is blotting. First apply a layer of the color to well-hydrated lips, then blot with one ply of a piece of tissue. (If you really want to make the color stick dust a bit of translucent powder on your lips through the tissue.) Then apply a second layer of color and lightly blot to remove any excess that might smudge on your teeth". ~ Real Simple Magazine