Customize those lips.

Many of you might already do this or have tried this.  I have tried this before, but have recently just fallen in love with it again.  I just crossed paths with a beauty section that recommend to mix your lip gloss with your blush or eye shadow.  I have been bored with my lip stick colors, am on a budget, being that we are about to have our third child and therefore, am not running out to Felix (our version of Dillard's or Macy's) to buy a new color.  What a great way this is to change your lip color up and really play with different tones.  I LOVE IT, and recommend that you play around with it too.  You can always apply a lip liner first (remember to always smudge the corners and hard line with your pinkie to blend), or a lip stick color and then go over it with your customized mixed gloss from your blush, or shadow.  I am seriously diggin' this and wanted to pass this little beauty tip on to more of you lovelies....

Let me know how you like it....



**photo obtained here http://eshopdemo.tramin.artio.cz/english/bare-escentuals-bareminerals-blush.html

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