Lime + Salt


A great natural disenfectant for your cutting boards and counter tops is lime & salt. The acid in the lime helps to kill the bacteria while the salt creates a gritty texture to work as a scrub. 

To use:  Sprinkle salt through out surface of cutting board.  Slice lime in half (slice the lime almost half way then twist the top off of the lime) and then squeeze a little bit of juice over the area.  Take the lime and use the open side face down to rub over the salt through out the surface of the cutting board.  Just as you would with a soap and sponge.  I always wash my cutting board afterwards too, but this is just an extra step in helping to kill bacteria, especially after cutting meat.

**Lime is also great for taking the smell off of your hands after preparing fish, or eating it.  Learned that out here in Panama.  I have yet to see a person not douse their hands with fresh lime after preparing fish.

Try it.


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