The perfect CAMOUFLAGE.

  I don't know if many of you battle some bags under your eyes, or fight with some circles hanging around those pretty brights but, as of 11 days ago, I have been.  Thank God I feel pretty good, and have a good amount of energy despite the sleep I am not getting (my little guy is SO worth it though), but the circles under my eyes would have others believing differently.  However, there is a GREAT quick fix to this problem, and I thankful for the little solution....so is my husband.  Being that blue and orange are on the opposite side of the color wheel, using a concealer or cover-up with an orange tint to it will automatically take away any darkness luring under you eyes.  Use this cover-up after you apply your concealer....circles no more.  

I have also found that dusting under my eyes (slightly) with my bronzer (again, make sure there is some orange tint to it) at the end of my make-up routine has given my eyes a little more boost of color too.  Definitely brightens me up.....which in turn, boosts my mood up.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

Let me know how it works for you, or please share any other secrets you might have in blending in under eye circles.

Que pase una buena dia....


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