Max Out.

So, my dad bought me these workout DVDs when my family came down here to Panama to meet our third child, and newest addition to our family. I wanted a good workout, something that switches it up (so I don't get board), and most of all (most important) something very time effective.  Having 3 kids (one of them being a new baby), running a household and a small baking business, and just being a mom don't give you much time to yourself.  I needed something quick.

The Max T3 does just that.  For all you moms, or even busy women in general (men too), looking for a quick and effective workout this is a great one.  It has 12 workouts to switch up with, and it works your entire body...if you go through the different workouts.  Each one is between 12-20 mins.  How great is that?  Let me tell you,  I was sore after each workout for at least the first week.  You will definitely see results if you stick to it.

Remember that 90% of your weight loss comes from your eating, so add a low calorie (obviously not too low, and if you are nursing then add an extra 500 calories in) and you'll be sure to see RESULTS!



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