It's not just for flavor.

Want a great home remedy for healing headaches?  This spice has been proven in my household, & many others, (so I've read) to treat headaches, and for some even migraines.  Cinnamon.  Yes, something most of us have on hand on our spice racks or in our cabinets.  It only takes about a half of a teaspoon to do the trick.  So, you can sprinkle it on top of some honey or peanut butter (just go for it with a quick spoonful), mix it with some orange juice or even heat some milk up and mix it in with the milk.  I personally like to make some tea, add some evaporated milk and then sprinkle the cinnamon on top of that.  The tea is yummy and the cinnamon aids in helping that headache go away.  Try it the next time you have a headache and see.  It has worked for my husband and I both, but I am not saying that this will be the case for everyone.  It's worth trying, in my opinion.  Hope it works for you!

Some other good little tips to know with cinnamon are that it will also give antioxidant properties that keep cells safe from oxidative stress and dangerous free radicals (antioxidants help fight such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and Parkinson's), and it helps fight against cardiovascular problems. Also, because of it helping insulin work better, cinnamon also helps lower blood sugar levels which is good for those at risk for diabetes.  Some studies have shown that it may even help prevent Alzheimer's.

My point?  Add a about a 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon to your diet a day, or even 4 days a week and you will be doing your body good.

Some other ways to add this spice to your diet include:

*Adding it as a topping to your toast over peanut butter, or with butter and a little bit of sugar.
* Sprinkle some on over your hot oatmeal.
*Add some into your juice, tea or coffee.
*Sprinkle it over the top of some fresh fruit...like apples.
*Snack on some crackers with honey and cinnamon.

All right, you get the point.  BTW, write me a comment if you have tried it, or do try it, and it works for you.

Make it a GREAT day:)


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