Stain no more.

Many already have heard this, and I can confirm this myself now that I am an avid user, hydrogen peroxide solution really does work as a natural remedy with whitening your teeth. I am a daily coffee, or sometimes tea, drinker and have had problems with staining from these beverages. This is a great solution to help with the staining as well as mainting some other problems that you may be dealing with in your mouth such as:

  • Strengthens teeth
  • Helps to heal and minimize canker sores
  • Helps with the healing of cuts in the mouth

To use: Rinse mouth with a cap full of hydrogen peroxide (after brushing), once a day (or every other day), for 30 secs. DO NOT SWALLOW. After use, lightly rinse mouth out with water (rinsing and spitting the water out). You can also use a little on your tooth brush before brushing for added protection.

A couple of other things that this home product is good for are:

  • Soak and wash your vegetables & fruits in to kill bacteria
  • Soak your tooth brushes in for a minute to kill bacteria (rinse with water for a minute afterward)

As with anything, use this product in moderation and never swollow this product. It is for external use only, as it is a disinfectant. It is also a product that kills all bacteria (meaning the good bacteria also) and that is why I use it every other day vs. every day. Keep a balance.

*People with braces might find this helpful as well for the staining of the brackets with certain foods. Apply the same usage, and see if it helps.

Smiling always makes your day better, so might as well do it with confidence and some pearly whites!

Pase un buen dia....


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